Hay Marketing Forum Membership - $500 (2 year Membership)

Member benefits include, but are not limited to:

Hay Marketing Forum Brochure

Members will have their name, company name and contact information published in an annual brochure exclusive to the Hay Marketing Forum! This brochure is available at all OFC and affiliated events.

Access to the Most Recent Research Information

Hay Marketing Forum members receive final reports on OFC supported research projects as soon as they become available!

OFC Website

On the "Members" page, Hay Marketing Forum members will be listed with hot link to connect customers directly to their website!

THINK GREEN! Newsletter

Members are encouraged to submit articles for inclusion in the newsletter.

OFC Council

The Ontario Hay Marketing Forum has recently been invited to elect two representatives to sit on the Ontario Forage Council Board of Directors.  These representatives will be re-elected on an annual basis.