As the old saying goes, “Patience is a virtue” certainly holds true when we are experiencing the weather patterns of the past few weeks. Farmers are anxious to get on the land, but experience has taught us that we must be patient and not push the envelope to fast. At the end of April, our forage stands are still lacking the colour and growth of areas in the south/west of the province, but then as stated earlier, we must be patient and count our lucky stars.

The Ontario Hay Marketing Forum (OHMF) teamed up with the Ontario Hay & Forage Co-operative Inc. on a recent Timothy hay tour in south western Ontario. We saw more advanced stands of timothy and witnessed a few different methods of planting and fertility applications being utilized. We heard many positive comments about the current forage situation, as well as reports of this being one of the best times hay producers have experienced.

The emphasis is certainly focused on producing a high-quality forage product, that will compete very well with any other cash crop and at the same time. We also saw evidence of how forages can improve soil health and fertility. To maximize our bottom line in hay production today, we must employ a totally different management system than grandpa had done in his day. We only need to look at the cereal crops and how their production levels have advanced in recent years. Hay can more than equal those production levels, if we revise our production and management practices. From a market perspective, all of Canada can not supply the total export demand and there is certainly a growing awareness of the true value of good quality hay.  

If you are in the hay marketing business, or regularly sell hay or straw locally, you may find it beneficial to join the Ontario Hay Marketing Forum. The Ontario Hay Marketing Forum is the first entity we think of when referring producers to a reputable hay supplier. It can be an excellent marketing tool, that gives you constant exposure to a broad clientele and at a reasonable price.

This is an exciting time for the forage industry and producers, or potential hay producers are invited to join the Ontario Hay Marketing Forum and be part of this entrepreneurial endeavour.  You could also become eligible to join the Canadian Forage Export Group.


For a membership form, or more information, please feel free to contact Ray Robertson at 1-877-892-8663 or


Hay Marketing Forum Membership - $500 (2 year Membership)

Member benefits include, but are not limited to:

Hay Marketing Forum Brochure

Members will have their name, company name and contact information published in an annual brochure exclusive to the Hay Marketing Forum! This brochure is available at all OFC and affiliated events.

Access to the Most Recent Research Information

Hay Marketing Forum members receive final reports on OFC supported research projects as soon as they become available!

OFC Website

On the "Members" page, Hay Marketing Forum members will be listed with hot link to connect customers directly to their website!

THINK GREEN! Newsletter

Members are encouraged to submit articles for inclusion in the newsletter.

OFC Council

The Ontario Hay Marketing Forum has recently been invited to elect two representatives to sit on the Ontario Forage Council Board of Directors.  These representatives will be re-elected on an annual basis.

Andre Larocque

3385 Larocque Rd

Glen Robertson, ON

K0B 1H0

(613) 551-2986

Smith Sales

Bruce Smith

9399 Conc. Rd. 4

RR #1

Uxbridge, ON

L9P 1R1

(905) 852-5246

Marhaven Agri Inc.

Chris Martin

7715 Wellington Rd. 8

Alma, ON

N0B 1A0

(519) 638-3423

Dunlea Farms

Fritz Trauttmansdorff

400 Field Rd.

RR #1


L0R 1R0

(519) 647-2311

Heritage Acre Farms Limited

Ian Dann

22504 Fairview

Thorndale, ON

N0M 2P0

(519) 317-0693

 Via Pax ET Led.

Don Rowntree

12921 5th Sideroad

RR #2

Georgetown, ON

L7G 4S5

(416) 464-2373



Glen Isle Farms

Matt or Jim Glen

15 McCallum Place, PO Box 190

Keene, ON

K0L 2G0



Joe & Vince Gordon

RR #3

Markdale, ON

N0C 1H0

(519) 986-4826

(519) 375-5898

Jon Blydorp, Blydorp Farms Ltd.

215350 10th Line

Amaranth, ON

L9V 1K1

(519) 216-1641

Dekkdale Farm

Josh Dekkers

1466 Haldimand Rd. 9

Caledonia, ON

N3W 2E2

(289) 260-4346

Josh Mullin

RR #1

Feversham, ON

N0C 1C0

(226) 668-8953

Daveland Farm

Larry Davis

222 Bishopsgate Rd

RR #2

Burford, ON

N0E 1A0

(519) 449-2690

Fielders Hay Farms

Mike Faulkner

5630 4th Line

RR #3

Rockwood, ON

N0B 2K0

(519) 829-8361


Luckholm Farms Ltd.

Sam Luckhardt

RR #6

Owen Sound, ON

N4K 5N8

(519) 376-5489


Flynn Farms

Stephen Flynn

40307 Conservation Rd.

RR #1

Clinton, ON

N0M 1L0

(519) 482-5365