Most of Ontario is experiencing a challenging summer, with the sporadic weather patterns this year. From a forage perspective, things got off to reasonable start in the spring, but May, June, July and early August suffered from the lack of much needed rainfall. Most areas had a reasonable first cut of hay, but second cut in many regions was reported as extremely poor, with many cutting just to prepare for a third cut, if we did get some rain. Many producers have report excellent quality hay during the first cut, with no problems harvesting during the hot dry weather. In recent weeks, the hay shortage has become most evident, and prices have started to rise.


There continues to be many inquiries from both domestic and overseas hay buyers, and there is a keen demand for good quality hay. Prices for good quality hay will continue to be strong, and very competitive with cereal crops.  The Ontario Hay & Forage Co-operative Inc. is now registered and garnering keen interest.

Their feasibility study is nearing the final stages, and they anticipate the beginning of a complete business plan, as they move forward.


The OHMF will be represented at the World Dairy Expo in Madison Wisconsin in October and always attracts a lot of attention from US and overseas attendees. A couple of our members also attended the CFGA Annual Meeting and Conference in Saskatoon last November. This year’s CFGA Annual Meeting and Conference will be held in Winnipeg on November 15th - 17th, 2016. A significant part of the conference and the tour will focus on hay quality and exporting opportunities. It has always been a real highlight of the conference. Stay tuned for complete details as the conference planning progresses.


The Ontario Hay Marketing Forum is an excellent way to constantly market good quality hay and keep abreast of hay export market opportunities. OHMF members are also eligible to join the CFGA Export Group, to further expand your reach.


For a membership form, or more information, please feel free to contact Ray Robertson at 1-877-892-8663 or


Hay Marketing Forum Membership - $500 (2015 & 2016)

Member benefits include, but are not limited to:

Hay Marketing Forum Brochure

Members will have their name, company name and contact information published in an annual brochure exclusive to the Hay Marketing Forum! This brochure is available at all OFC and affiliated events.

Access to the Most Recent Research Information

Hay Marketing Forum members receive final reports on OFC supported research projects as soon as they become available!

OFC Website

On the "Members" page, Hay Marketing Forum members will be listed with hot link to connect customers directly to their website!

THINK GREEN! Newsletter

Members are encouraged to submit articles for inclusion in the newsletter.

OFC Council

The Ontario Hay Marketing Forum has recently been invited to elect two representatives to sit on the Ontario Forage Council Board of Directors.  These representatives will be re-elected on an annual basis.

Smith Sales

Bruce Smith

9399 Conc. Rd. 4

RR #1

Uxbridge, ON

L9P 1R1

(905) 852-5246

John Buyers

Alliston, ON

N2H 1S7

(705) 435-7096

Luckholm Farms Ltd.

Sam Luckhardt

RR #6

Owen Sound, ON

N4K 5N8

(519) 376-5489

Fielders Hay Farms

Mike Faulkner

5630 4th Line

RR #3

Rockwood, ON

N0B 2K0

(519) 856-0779

Daveland Farm

Larry Davis

222 Bishopsgate Rd

RR #2

Burford, ON

N0E 1A0

(519) 449-2690

Marhaven Agri Inc.

Chris Martin

7715 Wellington Rd. 8

Alma, ON

N0B 1A0

(519) 638-3423

Great Lakes Agra Corporation

Jack Smit

100-69323 Richmond St.

RR #3

Centralia, ON

N0M 1K0

(519) 228-8370

Garry Johnson

RR #3

Owen Sound, ON

N4K 5N5

(519) 371-5247

(905) 936-3160

Johnathon Blydorp

215350 10th Line

Amaranth, ON

L9V 1K1

(519) 216-1641

Josh Mullin

RR #1

Feversham, ON

N0C 1C0

(226) 668-8953

Glen Isle Farms

Jim Glen

PO Box #190

15 McCallum Place

Keene, ON

K0L 2G0


Via Pax ET Led.

Don Rowntree

12921 5th Sideroad

RR #2

Georgetown, ON

L7G 4S5

(416) 464-2373

Andre Larocque

3385 Larocque Rd

Glen Robertson, ON

K0B 1H0

(613) 551-2986

Canadian Premium Hay Company

Steve Mckague

621 Concession 8

RR #3


N0G 2S0

(519) 531-1969

Dunlea Farms

Fritz Trauttmansdorff

400 Field Rd.

RR #1


L0R 1R0

(519) 647-2311

Flynn Farms

Stephen Flynn

40307 Conservation Rd.

RR #1

Clinton, ON

N0M 1L0

(519) 482-5365

Joda Run Farms Ltd.

John Runstedler

4145 Line 83 RR #4

Listowel, ON

N4W 3G9

(519) 595-8749

Jim Waddell

6540 Line 26

RR #2

Staffa, ON

N0K 1Y0

(519) 348-8334


Joe & Vince Gordon

RR #3

Markdale, ON

N0C 1H0

(519) 986-4826

(519) 375-5898

Sunshine Agro

Mark VanStralen

 22 Coles Cres.

Mono, ON

L9W 5W2

(416) 891-9467


Riacrest Farms

Chris Riach

545465 Pattullo Ave.

RR #8

Woodstock, ON

N4S 7W3

(519) 533-8947


 Tyger (Lei) Zhang

Suite 2302 No. 2191 Yonge St

Toronto, ON

(416) 487-2819


Harold McCutcheon

22319 Purple Hill Rd.

RR #3

Thorndale, ON

N0M 2P0

(519) 668-9979

 SunRich Enterprises Inc.

Darren & Shawn McDonald

4051 8th Line Road

Winchester, ON

K0C 2K0

(613) 227-3907


 Thring Farms Inc.

Chris Thring

012251 E/W Garafraxa Townline

Garafraxa, ON

L9W 6Y5

(519) 831-1069


 Kingwest International Inc.

Zhibin Zhang, Zhiqiang George Liu

2568 Hammond Road

Mississauga, ON

L5K 1T2

(416) 816-3090